Amazfit Stratos - Used For Half Year #review [2018]

For the past few months, I’ve been wearing my Amazfit Stratos smartwatch basically everywhere, and I feel like I can share lots of experience with you guys.
And for those who are in a rush and were wondering I’ll get this straight out of the way guys. There are no doubts that Amazfit Stratos is the best alternative
of the Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy watch right now! Period.
But hey, stay tight, of course, it has some downsides as well, and if you’ll continue reading, you'll be able to learn more..
And we should start with the built quality, and here I have to admit, it is top notch quality with premium materials. After so much wear, the watch looks as new. Does not have any visible scratches, all tho I’m working in a very active environment, and the watch was often hit by stuff, objects, doors, my working desk, and other. It got some hits over the glass as well and thankfully it passed the tests very well.
Designwise, I get very often compliments from people I know, and the first thing they notice is this beautiful carbon fiber finish on it, that goes well along with this metallic plate on top. Also, I need to point out that the paint coat on this metal didn’t get off of it as well, as you often see on the cheap watches. Thumbs up here!

All the control buttons are on the left side, so definitely needs to be warned on your left wrist, to be able to easily access them.
On the back side you’ll see we’re getting the heart rate monitor, and the charging connectors as well.

And here comes, in my opinion, a bad side of this watch. Basically to charge it you need this docking charger, and in case you lose it, you’ll have to order a new one.

I mean it’s something common these days with pretty much any smartwatches but I would hope for the day when you can use your standard smartphone charger on it, or ideally a standard smartphone wireless charger. But to make this not that painful, the great part of this watch is that the battery can get you through about 4 to 5 days with a single charge, which is a game changer for me. I mean who else can do this with these specs. And this is thanks to its transflective display that consumes a lot less energy than regular LCD panels, and as a bonus, which is a major plus as well is that this screen makes it very visible under direct sunlight, basically more the more direct sunlight the more visibility you get.
The downside of this screen is when you don't have that much of an external light source. Screen gets deemed out and it does not seem that great, but there’s also a backup light that pops out when you turn your wrist towards yourself to check the time, so that helps.
Getting down to the strap band, it’s made from a soft touch rubber, very flexible, the top coat it’s just a little off by now, but the awesome part is that you can easily change it to any other band you like as it comes in the standard size and it easily detachable.

I think it would definitely look good with a nice black leather strap or even a metal one. Have to check that.
It also has the must feature nowadays that is actually water and dust proof ability. The manufacturer actually claims that the watch can be easily taken to a swimming pull and it should be fine, I mean I didn't try that but I see no reason not to believe them on this.
Some other great attributes of this watch are that it works with both Android and iOS, so it’s pretty universal. It has a 4GB internal memory which means you can even upload some music to it if you want as well if you don’t want to carry your smartphone while doing some sports activities. It connects easily to wireless headphones and you’re good to go.
And as an obvious statement it has all those fitness features you would expect from a modern smartwatch, like constant heart rate tracker, GPS to track your route while running or bicycling, calories burned count, steps count, and all of this information gets synced out to your smartphone thanks to the dedicated app available in the app stores.
There’s also quite a few watch faces you can choose from the app as well just to make sure you’re not getting bored with it too soon.
And I must admit, there’s a lot of other features that I discover with this watch once in a while that are pretty useful, but this should conclude this video as I don’t want it to be too long. But you can also check it out on Amazon as well for more details.

Or check it out here for the best price:

Overall I highly recommend this watch, and keep in mind this comes from a guy who owned the first generation of this watch and follows the brand history.
And it’s hard not to like this Smartwatch that constantly upgrades the software as well to keep the user up to date and develop a good technological experience.
And now that the time passed from the release of this watch, prices also dropped, so at this point it’s you’ll probably get the best value for your money.

I have a video version of all this review above. Enjoy it here: