The All New iPhone of 2018

Although we're not sure about the names Apple will use for the new iPhone models, we know for a fact they will be releasing a total of 3 New iPhones this fall
- the updated iPhone X with a 5.8" screen, the new iPhone X Plus with a 6.5" screen and the entry-level iPhone X Lite with the small 6.1 LCD screen.
Trend Force revealed the storage options that more likely we'll be getting with the new iPhone models that are:
iPhone 6.5" and 5.8" model will get - 64GB, 256GB, 512GB of storage
iPhone 6.1" model will get only two options - 64GB, 256GB of storage

Another thing we learned is from a pretty big report made by Economic Daily News which states that the 2018 iPhone X ad the iPhone X Plus will actually support the Apple pencil.

China Times reported that Apple would be upgrading the wireless charging on 2018 iPhones by adding essentially a Copper Coil that supposedly would be much better than the current FPC Coil technology that's on the current iPhone X model, and basically any other smartphone that supports wireless charging nowadays. And spiking of the wireless charging, we also expect that finally, we would be getting the Apple AirPower wireless charging pad, that was announced so long ago (September 2017) and never got to be released till now.

The release date is probably one of the main things we're looking forward to, and as usual, it should be reasonable to expect the event on 11 or 12 of September, and probably on Friday 21st September, you can expect the iPhones to be shipped out to the lucky ones who will eventually order.

And finally price wise this is what we should expect:

iPhone Lite - $700 USD
iPhone X 2018 - $900 USD
iPhone X Plus - $1000 USD

Obviously, these prices would go up depending on which storage options would you pick.