Sony WF-SP900 Wireless Headphones Allows You To Swim In The Sea

The Sony WF-SP900 headphones are perfect for swimming: in addition to being truly wireless, they also have a 4 GB drive for downloading music, and also survive diving underwater up to 2 meters,
including salted water, all these promised by the IP68 certification.
The battery of the device will last for three hours using a Bluetooth connection and six hours when playing from the internal music library. These numbers get better up to 12 and 21 hours when using the charger cover that comes with the kit.

For a quick connection to the smartphone, there is an NFC module, and you can customize the sound through the dedicated application “Headphones Connect”.There is the Normal mode, which allows you to hear basic outside sounds, and Voice, which allows listening to music without distraction on outside sounds, while allowing you to hear the voice.