Best 3D Printer To Buy For Beginners

In the 20th century 3D printing was considered science fiction, but today this technology is widely available to any of us. 3D printing is actively tested in construction and other production sites, but also available for avarage user as well. If you have a plastic piece that was damaged, today you can print it right away, and forget about running around the shops. It is also scary hearing in the news about the printed guns that because are made from plastic are basically undetectable. But you can't stop the progress.
- So, where you thinking of buying one for you, but didn't knew where to start?

- Well here's the solution.

The first thing that a future owner of a 3D printer is facing is the apparent complexity of handling a high-tech device. But it's actually a lot easier than you think. If you're not too lazy to read the instructions to set up properly the machine, you will find out how easy it is. As for the creative part of the process, you don't even need the ability to draw. You can download lots of ready-to-print models here.

Step one

The most accessible way to get closer to 3D printing technology is by using the 3D printing pen. You will obviously not be able to load up some models but it will help you a lot with understanding the basics of volumetric printing at a budget-friendly cost.

The 3D pen is actually very similar to a regular glue pen, except instead of glue it uses a special filament that will eventually turn into your creation. You also have the ability to use different colors as a filament if needed as well.

Let's add some volume

At the first glance, a 3D printer seems like an industrial machine with a lot of parts but it's actually not harder than putting together a desktop PC. Geeetech 3D Printer I3 Pro W based on a very popular project by the name of Prusa i3 is perfect for beginners. It can be put together in a few evenings after your work hours (or you can buy it with an expert installation on Amazon) and an open filament system will significantly simplify the maintenance for the unit.

Despite the fact that this printer is not that expensive, it has a decent printing area of 7.9 x 7.9 x 7.1 inches and it supports a wide range of materials for printing: both standard flexible fibers ABS / PLA and advanced nylon or wood-polymer. The self-regulating control and a system with the automatic alignment of 3D Touch will forgive you the most common mistakes you will probably make. It also supports an offline printing mode using an SD-card.

Delta printing

Unlike the classic solutions based on the Cartesian Coordinate System principle, the printing system of the Delta Printer is mounted on special suspensions. This kind of configuration has a compact size and fast printing speeds. FLSUN 3D Kossel Delta despite the rather small dimensions has a great volume of printing space of 180 x 300 mm.


The optimized auto-leveling function helps a lot avoiding printing mistakes and makes the print process easier and more precise.

Photo printer

Photopolymer (SLA) printers are designed to create high-precision models, including thin bezels figures and with a lot of parts as well. As a printing material, such models are using liquid photopolymers. We would recommend this printer for more advanced users with experience in 3D printing.

Sparkmaker SLA 3D is one of the most affordable printers in its class. It is designed for volumetric printing of relatively small parts with dimensions up to 98 x 55 x 125 mm. It will include the professional software as well (Spark Studio) and for the entry date you need to use and SD-card.

From simple to complex

Sooner or later you will get to the point when you'll want to improve and get more advanced so this will lead you to a more serious piece of tech like FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro.

AS the name suggests, you can consider this a Pro Tool. The printhead here moves along the X and Y axes, and the platform along the Z axis. A stable closed design ensures high quality of the print. Thanks to the sophisticated print head drive device with a large number of belts, positioning accuracy is enhanced.

And this should be a good piece of information for all the beginners out there, and I wish you luck an happy creating.