Logan Paul Broke Youtube

Few days past since Logan Paul broke YouTube but the news is still trending which means that actually it was a huge internet shock with no precedent. Even so some vloggers and bloggers compare the case with PewDiePie and his “nazi jokes” which at the time caused what they called YouTube adpocalypse. 
I will not get into Paul’s issue as I think it was already discussed and analyzed from all angles and perspectives. But I think an important part of the problem is YouTube. First, the platform actively promoted the video on the first page when it was just uploaded, even tho it had a descriptive thumbnail. This means YouTube automated system is far from ideal. When the video was taken down by it’s creator, it was re-uploaded by other users and again was able to get trending on the top ten spots on YouTube. 

And when it got a major attention from Internet, YouTube actually reached out with a statement which I’m going to include here as well. 

I think by the end of day YouTube realized Logan Paul represents in a way the platform, as it’s one of the most popular content creator out there and decided to promote Logan’s latest video excuse to somehow clean out his reputation. I realized this when I turned on my Android TV and first thing I saw it was Logan Paul’s face in the recommendation feed. 

To conclude this I must say that stupid people do stupid mistakes but a serious company like YouTube should be prepared and ready for situations like this and take action before it escalates at this scale. 
At the time of writing this post Logan stated he will stop making vlogs for a while, which I think is a good idea.

Please let me know what you think about this in the comment section below and I’ll talk to you soon.