Fake Casio G-Shock - After 2 Mounts Of Wearing It

The main question that bothers everyone, who is thinking of buying fake stuff over the internet, is "how long it will last". Obviously the counterfeit items usually are made from cheap materials and with poor attention to details, for obvious reason - to keep the price as low as possible. 
So, exactly two months ago I made a video unboxing and quick review of a high quality, Fake Casio G-Shock watch, that I bought for about $30. I was using it pretty often for one and only reason - to find out the great answer to the above mentioned question.
First, you can take a look here at the video unboxing/review, and then, be more than welcome to take a look at the closeup pictures I made. 

Important facts:
I need to add that after some showers I took with this watch, I noticed the inside surface of the front "glass" got steamed, but it actually got away after a few hours.
Also, another downside is the led light - you can't see anything during the night, I guess it's not powerful enough.
Just to make it clear, I do not recommend anyone to buy any counterfeit stuff. Please support the originals. 

All the pictures were made with an Iphone 7 Plus.