Activate Sony Android TV Without Remote

Here you'll learn how to activate Sony Android TV XBR-55X850C or similar, without any remote controller.
I actually got in trouble loosing both of my remotes from my Sony Android TV - the touch-pad remote (smart remote) and the regular one.
I had to reset my Sony TV for a reason, and when it did its job I realized I needed the remote to activate it. There's an animation on the screen that shows you to use the touch-pad remote to activate the TV.

When I was looking to buy a new one on Amazon and Ebay I didn't like the price, so
I used Sony costumer support for help.Unfortunately, their advise ended up recommending me to buy a new remote. I didn't want to spend the money, and than even so, If I would bought a new remote, I had to wait a few days for it to get delivered, and I could not use the TV in the meantime. I didn't like that and I researched for a bit and I got to following easy fix.
All you need for this is a smartphone operating on iOS or Android systems.
Download the "Android TV" app from the official Google Play Store on Android and App Store on iOS.

Now, before going forward, you need to make sure your TV and your smartphone are on the same network.
Obviously, you can not connect your TV to the Wi-Fi, becouse you do not have access to the Menu options, so you need to connect it via Ethernet Cable. Just connect your TV to your Wi-Fi Router like you see in this pictures below.

Sony TV
 Wi-Fi Router

Important: Make sure you connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi line of this same Router.
Ones all this ready, go ahead and launch the "Android TV" app downloaded earlier, and select your TV in question, in my case is the second one.

A code will appear on the TV screen, you need to use this to confirm the connection between the devices. Just input it in to your smartphone app.

And now you should be paired, and you can easily activate your TV by using your smartphone as a remote. This image below will show you haw it actually looks.

Easy enough right?
Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.