How To Use Trial-Expired Application Again On Windows

Many software developers allow users to use their product on a trial version. And this is usually for a limited time of about 30 days. Once expired, the software cannot be reinstalled for further use of the trial version. The only way to reinstall a trial is to refresh the operating system and download/install the trial version of that application.

For everybody using trial soft we have great news. Here below is the real solution of your problem.
I'm going to share with you a tweak to use an expired trial of the software repeatedly, without refreshing your Windows. For that to happen, you have to change your Windows Registry.

For an example, I'm assuming software with the same behavior to be "Corel"

Follow this easy steps:
1) Uninstall the software with the expired trial period
2) Press Windows key on your keyboard
3) Type "regedit" and press Enter, to open Registry Editor
4) Navigate and select the Corel key in the left pane, via following route:


5) Highlite this key and press Delete on your keyboard
6) Re-navigate and select the Corel key in the left pane, via following route:


7) Go to your Desktop and press Windows key on your keyboard
8) Type "%temp" and press Enter to view temporary files
9) Select all files in this folder and delete them
10) Navigate to C://User/Username/App-data (put the actual username)
11) Access all three directories: Local, LocalLow and Roamning contained in this folder
12) Check and delete any folders of Corel in any of the above directories
13) Restart your computer
14) Download the free trial of Corel and install it again and enjoy using it