All you need to know about Amazon Flex

Hi stranger!
This below is going to be a valuable introduction for those who wants to start earning some extra 💵 cash on Amazon Flex program.
This is an honest blog, so I'll be strait to you. This earning method it's not going to make you rich, but it may be a source of a partial income for those who wants to cover some bills. But you need to remember that it involves some spendings from your side like - gas, phone data, any car expenses and other.
I can write long, boring pages of this, so I thought I better show it to you.
That being said, let's get straight to it and I invite you to watch this videos below.

1) Amazon Flex part 1 - Introduction Video

2) Amazon Flex part 2 - Best phone fit and how to download and install the app on Android devices


3) Amazon Flex part 3 - How to download and install the app on iPhone (iOS devices)

4) Amazon Flex part 4 - Tips and tricks - How to be successful

And the last one just for fun!
5) Amazon Flex par 5 - Driver pulled over by a Cool Cop! 

Thank you for passing by my blog. Hope I was able to give you a strong idea what Amazon Flex is.
And if you have any suggestions or you're not agree whit this above, let me know in the comments below so we can start a conversation.
I wish you good luck!